I like weekends, not really sure why its not much different to the rest of the week, I do have both my kids here with me though, even if the hubby is working.

Lots of housework to get done today, hoping that the toddler will be good for me while I get it done and hoping to find time for a short 5k walk at some point to. My legs are tired from the gym yesterday but I can’t let that stop me, nobody ever got any fitter/stronger by sitting around doing nothing. Not planning a work out but a nice walk should help warm things up. I will have to see just how much time I have first though, lots to do.

The toddler was good this morning, woke at 6.30am but he hadn’t wet the bed, ate all of his breakie without making a mess and has had some fruit to. He is sat concentrating very hard on some jigsaws at the min. I just love watching him doing things like that, he really does concentrate hard and if I try and help him he gets cross because he wants to do it all himself.

Still not much speech from him, he is starting to ask questions such as ‘whats that’,  he still doesn’t call me Mummy though, he has started to refer to me as YOU which is interesting, and I always respond by saying ‘mummy?’ in the hope that some day he will start to say that instead.

Its only 9am here so the teenager is yet to rise from her bed, I am guessing she will be up in the next hour or so, she made cheesecake at school yesterday, she was very pleased with it, and although it was full fat and I don’t normally eat anything full fat I had some and have to admit it is pretty nice. Lots of praise for her on how well she has done and for remembering to bring my lunch box home from school.


Bedtime Bliss

Well the toddler is now in bed, the hubby has just got home from work so been the nice person that I am I have cooked him some tea and made him a cuppa.

The house is sort of quiet apart from my daughter using the telly for Sims, its a good job that there isn’t anything on the telly tonight as I wouldn’t have been able to let her if there was and the monitor on the old laptop she is using doesn’t work.

The peace is lovely, and what is even more lovely is that someone has volunteered to help with my main site, which is great, I now have my own hosting and the domain is been moved for me to WordPress, who knows if I like it I might move this one over to. I can’t remember the last time I was so grateful for some help!

Saying that, whats the point I don’t write this because I expect people to read it?

busy busy busy

Why are some days totally non stop

Took son to pre-school, took daughters forgotten stuff to her school, went to the gym, spent far to much time there, came home had the fastest shower ever (gyms having a refurb showers out of action there) necked my coffee and banana and rushed back to pre-school to pick up the lad.

Had lunch (I did anyway, he refused to eat his) and went food shopping, come home put it away, made a cuppa and finally sat down for 5 mins.

Waiting for my sons worker from the children’s centre to come and see him about his speech, this should be her final visit as he starts pre-school properly in Sept (by properly I mean 5 mornings a week) and the speech therapist will be visiting him at pre-school then. This can only be a good thing as I am not sure that the children’s centre have made that much difference to him.

I still need to sort out my other website, the guy who is supposed to be helping me isn’t online so will hope he will be around later and then get it done.

until then all I have to say is ‘mmmmm tea’


today started with a wet bed and a shower for the toddler, he is only 3 so I expect a few accidents, hubby got up with him and immediately shouted me to help sort it out, funny how I can manage it on my own but hey ho.

Gave the boy a quick shower, dried him, dressed him and gave him his breakie, hubby sat at computer waiting for his cuppa to stew, would have been more successful if he had actually poured it out!

I pour the tea and sort out my breakie and his tea while he sits on his computer, sort out the boy who has finished his breakie and then pop upstairs to fold up the washing he did yesterday (no I didn’t do it last night I was tired after the gym)

Pots washed and gym gear found and on, time for a coffee and a moan.

Hubby has gone to get a shower, house still looks like bomb went off, have childrens centre worker popping later about sons speech so will have to tidy up. Also my other blog is in danger of been deleted from Blogger due to the change in blogger rules so will spend the afternoon trying to sort out that site.

busy day ahead, so should turn this off, have a good one if you are out there

Mornings – Fun

Morning all

Just a mini rant really.

I am at work at 8 and the hubby is off work so why am I the one that goes into my son and puts him on his potty and then has to find him something to do in his room so that I can get a shower for work?

Surely the husband needs to get his arse out of bed and sort him out so that I can get ready for work, I never expect him to sort out the toddler and get ready for work when I am off work, its not fair to do that.

So I get a shower whilst the toddler trashes his room and then take him down and give him his breakfast while doing my own and my pack up for work and trying to sort out my hair, still no hubby.

I rather optimistically make to cups of tea thinking that the hubby will be down soon and 20mins later he turns up, after I have spent the morning doing everything.

Its to late now we are sorted!!