Mornings – Fun

Morning all

Just a mini rant really.

I am at work at 8 and the hubby is off work so why am I the one that goes into my son and puts him on his potty and then has to find him something to do in his room so that I can get a shower for work?

Surely the husband needs to get his arse out of bed and sort him out so that I can get ready for work, I never expect him to sort out the toddler and get ready for work when I am off work, its not fair to do that.

So I get a shower whilst the toddler trashes his room and then take him down and give him his breakfast while doing my own and my pack up for work and trying to sort out my hair, still no hubby.

I rather optimistically make to cups of tea thinking that the hubby will be down soon and 20mins later he turns up, after I have spent the morning doing everything.

Its to late now we are sorted!!


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