today started with a wet bed and a shower for the toddler, he is only 3 so I expect a few accidents, hubby got up with him and immediately shouted me to help sort it out, funny how I can manage it on my own but hey ho.

Gave the boy a quick shower, dried him, dressed him and gave him his breakie, hubby sat at computer waiting for his cuppa to stew, would have been more successful if he had actually poured it out!

I pour the tea and sort out my breakie and his tea while he sits on his computer, sort out the boy who has finished his breakie and then pop upstairs to fold up the washing he did yesterday (no I didn’t do it last night I was tired after the gym)

Pots washed and gym gear found and on, time for a coffee and a moan.

Hubby has gone to get a shower, house still looks like bomb went off, have childrens centre worker popping later about sons speech so will have to tidy up. Also my other blog is in danger of been deleted from Blogger due to the change in blogger rules so will spend the afternoon trying to sort out that site.

busy day ahead, so should turn this off, have a good one if you are out there


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