Bedtime Bliss

Well the toddler is now in bed, the hubby has just got home from work so been the nice person that I am I have cooked him some tea and made him a cuppa.

The house is sort of quiet apart from my daughter using the telly for Sims, its a good job that there isn’t anything on the telly tonight as I wouldn’t have been able to let her if there was and the monitor on the old laptop she is using doesn’t work.

The peace is lovely, and what is even more lovely is that someone has volunteered to help with my main site, which is great, I now have my own hosting and the domain is been moved for me to WordPress, who knows if I like it I might move this one over to. I can’t remember the last time I was so grateful for some help!

Saying that, whats the point I don’t write this because I expect people to read it?


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