busy busy busy

Why are some days totally non stop

Took son to pre-school, took daughters forgotten stuff to her school, went to the gym, spent far to much time there, came home had the fastest shower ever (gyms having a refurb showers out of action there) necked my coffee and banana and rushed back to pre-school to pick up the lad.

Had lunch (I did anyway, he refused to eat his) and went food shopping, come home put it away, made a cuppa and finally sat down for 5 mins.

Waiting for my sons worker from the children’s centre to come and see him about his speech, this should be her final visit as he starts pre-school properly in Sept (by properly I mean 5 mornings a week) and the speech therapist will be visiting him at pre-school then. This can only be a good thing as I am not sure that the children’s centre have made that much difference to him.

I still need to sort out my other website, the guy who is supposed to be helping me isn’t online so will hope he will be around later and then get it done.

until then all I have to say is ‘mmmmm tea’


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