I like weekends, not really sure why its not much different to the rest of the week, I do have both my kids here with me though, even if the hubby is working.

Lots of housework to get done today, hoping that the toddler will be good for me while I get it done and hoping to find time for a short 5k walk at some point to. My legs are tired from the gym yesterday but I can’t let that stop me, nobody ever got any fitter/stronger by sitting around doing nothing. Not planning a work out but a nice walk should help warm things up. I will have to see just how much time I have first though, lots to do.

The toddler was good this morning, woke at 6.30am but he hadn’t wet the bed, ate all of his breakie without making a mess and has had some fruit to. He is sat concentrating very hard on some jigsaws at the min. I just love watching him doing things like that, he really does concentrate hard and if I try and help him he gets cross because he wants to do it all himself.

Still not much speech from him, he is starting to ask questions such as ‘whats that’,  he still doesn’t call me Mummy though, he has started to refer to me as YOU which is interesting, and I always respond by saying ‘mummy?’ in the hope that some day he will start to say that instead.

Its only 9am here so the teenager is yet to rise from her bed, I am guessing she will be up in the next hour or so, she made cheesecake at school yesterday, she was very pleased with it, and although it was full fat and I don’t normally eat anything full fat I had some and have to admit it is pretty nice. Lots of praise for her on how well she has done and for remembering to bring my lunch box home from school.


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