Carpet Shop 27.04.14

Last week we (I say we it was actually me and my Dad) decorated the hall/stairs/landing, it was much fun :-/

So today we went and ordered a new carpet and some lino for the kitchen, I have wanted lino in the kitchen since we put in the new kitchen about 8 years a go but hubby tends to forget about stuff like that so I took the opportunity to get both whilst we were there.
Now we are nearly £500 lighter but on Thursday I will be getting a new carpet and new lino fitted and I can’t wait.
The lad coped really well with shopping for it, had a little wobble about getting back in the car to come home but nothing major, he walked off in the other direction but was able to be talked into coming back without a tantrum even though you could tell he really didn’t want to get in the car. The shop was mostly empty which helped he really doesn’t seem to like busy places, he did like running up and down the shop with hubby whilst I was sorting out the fitting and paying. For once it was a trip to a shop without any stress.
He is now eating the remains of one of his Easter Eggs and watching telly, he seemed to get so many that the supply of chocolate is never ending for him, I think he has another 2 to eat, and my daughter has barely touched hers either. 
In other news I am not really keen on this Aldi Coffee that I bought to try, maybe its an acquired taste and I haven’t acquired it yet, and I am going to the gym tonight after tea which makes me happy. They have moved the gym as part of the refurbishment, I am really hoping that the next few months pass quickly I am not liking been in a room with no windows or air con. 

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