Update 27.04.14

So a lot has happened since I last blogged about my life

– my son is nearly 4 now, still not talking, and currently been in the process of been assessed for possible autism. He is a lovely little lad, always happy and when he is at home with us you wouldn’t think he was any different, but put him a group of his peers and you can see that he is very different. He functions at a much younger age than he actually is, he doesn’t play with other children and his speech is virtually non existent to name just a few of the differences.

– my daughter is now 14 and starts studying for her GCSE’s in September, she is a typical teenager, sleeps late and doesn’t really speak to us much unless she has to. Like a lot of teens she has acne and is on anti-biotics to help treat it, if only she could remember to take them and not get in a mood with me for reminding her she would be the model teen, she loves reading, music and art and is already planning what she wants to study at University.

– hubby is still working hard, his hours are all over the place though which makes getting into any routine with anything difficult

– and me well I am still going to the gym 3-4 times a week, I prefer to go 4 times but its not always that easy with the hubby’s hours, I managed to loose over 50lbs and I am finally feeling like myself again. My job is currently part of a commissioning review which means that in a few months I might not have a job and if I do it will be very different to what it is now.

With the stress of the lads assessments, him starting school soon and work I am feeling like it is all crumbling around me at the minute.


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