Morrisons 28/04/14

Usually I try to avoid supermarkets with my lad, he generally screams all of the way round it and is very uncooperative so today when I had to go to the shop and take him with me I was ready for a battle and could feel my anxiety rising as the time came to go.

Before we went out I managed to get him to go to the loo and bring me his shoes (he still doesn’t put these on for himself but we are working on it) without a fuss, he wanted to take his toy and a bit of paper with him, I have no idea why but that is what he wanted to do, I decided that it was easier to let him take them than fight with him and start out with him in a strop.
He got in the car no fuss and when we pulled into the carpark didn’t start shouting “no no no no” which is what he would normally do. I was starting to think that all was going to be ok, until it came to getting a trolley, usually I either get a basket or a big trolley which I can put him inside (he is to big for the seat) but today I decided to get a small trolley, he started to point at the bigger trolleys and whine I was expecting it to turn into a full strop but managed to distract him by telling him I needed his help to find the things that his sister needs for her school shopping.
He walked around the shop with his hands over his ears, he is sensitive to a lot of noise and often covers his ears and puts his finger to his mouth the shush people. Even though he was doing this he stayed with me and didn’t cry or strop at all.
When we got to the till he was picking up the peppa pig DVD’s (Thanks Morrisons for setting kids and parents up for a battle) but I reminded him that he had one at home and he happily put it back. 
So Far so good
Until he saw the kiddies rides on the other side of the till and went to investigate whilst I was paying, followed by setting off a till alarm by moving a barrier and then having a minor moment when I told him I didn’t have a penny for the ride. 
So even though he did have a couple of minor blips and had to cover his ears for most of the time in the shop I would say that this was a successful trip to the shops, he didn’t cry at any point (well not for more than a few seconds) and I managed to get right round the shop and everything on my list without it taking to long. 
Next challenge of the day…..  The library, will do the ironing first though and give him a little bit of chill time

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