Update 28/04/14

Yesterday was going so well, until I asked my son to take his dressing gown upstairs for me and put it on his bed, this turned into a huge tantrum that lasted for more than 45minutes, he did eventually calm down and take his dressing gown upstairs and put it on his bed. 45 mins is a relatively short amount of time for my son to tantrum for, they can last for hours and often result in him tiring himself out and going to bed rather than doing anything else.

It doesn’t seem to bother him that he is sat in time out and will quite happily sit there for hours refusing to do whatever it is that we have asked him to do. No really does mean No when he says it, I have been told that this is a sign of autism but I guess that we will only really know when he has had all of his assessments.

Hoping for a better day today, its gone 8am and he is still snoring, he has been coughing all night again so I think he is just exhausted from it, no pre-school for him today he is back tomorrow so no need for him to be up if he is tired.

I’m going to body combat soon and leaving him at home with his Dad, he is usually quite happy to be left with his Dad which does make things a little easier for me, especially as when I am there he clings to me and I do feel like I have an extra shadow at time.

I need to go to the shops this afternoon which is always a bit of a flash point and if he is in a good enough mood I might take him to the library to get some new story books afterwards as a little treat, he loves the library but can get a bit grumpy when we go sometimes.


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