Busy day at work and update 29.04.14

Well work was pretty mental as always, but I dropped my son off at preschool and the senco wasn’t there so I couldn’t ask the questions that I had, hopefully she will be there in the morning and I will be able to talk to her then.

On the plus side he was very happy when I dropped him off and was good for my Dad.

I have been given some books about autism spectrum disorder and behaviour from work and such a lot of it seems to apply to my son, all I want is for him to get through the assessment process and find out for sure, then we can move on and concentrate on making him the best that he can be.

He is such a happy little boy, but he does live in his own world a lot of the time.

On another note the teenager is making curry tomorrow at school, no idea what it will be like but will have to at least pretend its fab ūüôā


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