Morning 29.04.14

Humph back at work today after the weekend, the lad is back at pre-school to which will give me a chance to talk to them about him and what is happening, they are supposed to have referred him for an Ed Psyche assessment a couple of weeks a go and I haven’t heard anything yet. I know that these things take time though so I just want to be sure it has been done. I am also waiting for an assessment by the community paediatrician for a developmental check for him, all of the pre-school assessments and speech and language assessments have him at about 16-24 months for speech, communication and social but 3yrs for physical development.

He still isn’t talking, we get the odd thing at home but he is mostly silent unless you force him to ask for things or ask him what something is. He still doesn’t initiate any conversations and if you ask him what he has been doing he doesn’t answer you, its so frustrating it would be nice to hear him say Mummy or tell me what he has been doing at pre-school, he is 4 in 3 weeks and so far he has done neither of those things.

Work really sucks at the minute but I have the gym to look forward to for tonight ūüôā I used to feel bad about going to the gym on a night but since the boy stopped allowing anyone to do anything for him when I am there apart from me its meant that he will let his Dad put him to bed on those days, if I didn’t go out my husband would never get the chance to have that special story time with him.

So for now I will drink my coffee and hope for a good day xx


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