Early Morning 30.04.14

Half Five this morning the lad decided he was awake, he doesn’t just get up and play with his toys or look at his books or even go downstairs and put the telly on like a lot of 4 years olds would though, he lays in his bed making a whining sound until someone (normally me) gives in and goes in to him.

I gave him a few minutes just in case he decided that he didn’t want to be awake after all, but as he was coughing a bit in-between the sound it was pretty obvious that this was not going to happen.

So we were up and dressed and downstairs watching the news (no kids telly in this house until everyone is ready for school) by half 6.

Hubby is sulking with me because I got up to him, apparently going in to him to early just encourages him to get up early, I’m not sure that is true, after all he can’t tell the time and he doesn’t always wake up this early. I think that if he is awake and making a noise that means I can’t sleep that there is no point in been in bed listening to him I might aswell sort him out, and have a cup of tea whilst I am at it lols.

Oh well, I am at work again today, I am not at the gym tonight hubby is working to late for that and we need to move furniture ready for the carpet fitters coming tomorrow.


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