Rant 30.04.14

This morning I dropped off the boy at pre-school, on a Wednesday the children who are going up to ‘big’ school in September are allowed to stay lunch and have an extra afternoon session, but it was made very clear to us at parents night by the owner that it isn’t right for my son, because in her words not mine “of how he is” and she also asked if we had ever thought about teaching him his colours.

Obviously because he isn’t speaking and doesn’t interact with the other children that means we don’t try and do anything with him ever, right? well no, wrong actually we probably do more with him than parents with so called normal kids do with their kids, since every waking moment we are trying to encourage him to speak and play and interact.

The way the owner spoke to us at parents night made me think about moving him, if there was another pre-school close to my Dad’s house (Dad has to walk to pick him up when I am at work) and he wasn’t so happy there I would have done. Luckily the manager of the setting isn’t the owner and she knows how hard everyone is trying to get him up to speed for September.

I managed to speak to the manager this morning and might even raise the issue of him staying all day on a Wednesday with her next week (I won’t be taking or picking up again this week due to work commitments) as I do feel that he would really benefit from the extra session and the experience of been away from home for a full day in preparation for September when he has to start school.

If they refuse to allow it maybe I will make a call to the local authority and see if this is something that they can take forward for me, I really feel like he is been excluded because he has some additional needs and that is not fair on him.


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