That Moment When…. 01.05.14

The hubby gets the lad up instead of me.

Unlike yesterday when he woke at 5:30am the boy woke at the normal time of around 7am, as I need to leave for work at 7:30am and the hubby is off work on a Thursday I leave him for hubby to deal with.

The boy isn’t so keen on this idea though and as soon he sees that it isn’t me getting him up the tantrum starts, and it keeps  going until he is downstairs and sat on my knee.

This is something that up to a few months a go wouldn’t bother him but now he point blank refuses to get out of bed for his Dad, we have made the decision that this can’t be the case when I am at work there is not time for me to get him up when his Dad is here and has time to sort him out. So today hubby lifted him out of bed and carried him to the bathroom, he was refusing to come down so hubby left him in the bathroom having a strop.

A few minutes later he made his way down the stairs and jumped on me, he is now sat next to me so close that he is touching me as he always seems to have to be when I am here eating his cereal.


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