Update 01.05.14

I rang the Educational Psychology dept today to find out if they had received the referral for my son and see how long it might be before he gets seen, I am so conscious of the fact that he starts school in September and it is unlikely that he will be able to cope without additional support.

They said that they got the referral through on the 29th of April, approx 3 weeks after I had been told by Pre-School that it would be done, they really did drag their feet with that one, but at least I know that it has been done now.

The Ed Psyche who is will be seeing him should be giving me a call back in the morning to let me know approximately when he will be seen.

Its good to know that things are happening in the background even if it is very slowly.

In other news we had the carpet fitted in the hall and stairs whilst I was at work, when I came home the hubby was stressed about it and had been rushing around all afternoon, after apparently doing nothing all morning while the boy was at pre-school, no matter how many times I tell him that he should get his jobs done whilst our son is out of the house he doesn’t do it, choosing instead to play minecraft on the PC and then get stressed about getting stuff done with a nearly 4 year old to look after at the same time. He then proceeded to cook himself some tea while I did mine and the kids, he couldn’t manage to do both and I also hoovered the stairs whilst cooking tea. He did volunteer to clean up after tea which he never does so I will let him off a little bit.

The carpet looks good, so much better than the old one, tomorrow the fitters are coming back to level off the floor in the kitchen and then on Saturday they are laying the new lino in there, I can’t wait to get it all finally finished.

Taking the kids to pub for tea tomorrow night with my Mum and Dad, hope that the boy is ok with it, he doesn’t tend to eat much when we eat out, even less than he does normally so I am expecting the same thing tomorrow.


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