Update 02.05.14

Well firstly the Ed Psyche didn’t ring me or email me to let me know how long I will be waiting for an assessment for my son, looks like I will be chasing her up on Tuesday, I know that they are busy but she could have even asked her admin to email me I only want some sort of a rough idea.

Whilst I was at work today the floorers came and put the concrete stuff down in the kitchen to level the floor which meant that I couldn’t go straight home, this meant that I went to my Mum and Dad’s after work and instead of picking up my son stayed there and then went out to pub for tea with them.

I have honestly never seen my boy eat so well when out of the house, I got him a child’s fish and chips and kind of expected him to play with it and not really eat but what he did was eat all of his fish, half my Dad’s fish some of my mums and then all of his chips. I am really pleased with this he hasn’t really been eating that well recently so to see him munching away like that was a real relief, he only weighs 29lb at the moment and could really do with putting on a pound or two.

When we got home the floor was dry enough for me to be able to make a cuppa and finally put my feet up which I did whilst he was playing in the bath, he has gone from hating baths to loving them again it took me a good 6 months to get him to accept baths and then a little while longer for him to start enjoying them but it has been worth all of the work with him to see him playing with the bubbles and his water squirters.

He then had his story and went to bed without so much as a whimper and went straight to sleep, so all in all not a bad day.

Roll on tomorrow and a new floor finally a new floor in the kitchen, maybe a tidy house and if the weather is  nice a walk to the park


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