Update 03.05.14

Its been a really long day today.

Firstly I got a letter from Speech and Language saying that they want to come out and do another assessment on my son on the 27th of May, this will be with his normal therapist and her senior who needs to do a separate assessment before we can put him forward to the autism panel for a confirmed diagnosis. I would normally be at work on a Tuesday but I think that I will try and swap my day rather than asking them to change the appointment, I don’t want to end up having to wait a few more weeks for them to come out and see us.

The lino was fitted in the kitchen this morning, my son was interesting in this he stood and watched the guy doing it for a bit without saying anything to him.

When he had finished and left I took the lad to the park for an hour, whilst I was there one of the children who did talk time with us at the children’s centre was there with her lad, and her boy who is the same age as mine just seemed so much more able, he was climbing up the climbing frame, swinging on the swing and chatting away to his Mum, my lad is still going on the baby slides and in the baby swings and has no interest in playing with any of the other children at the park. It does make me sad that he doesn’t play with other children, I do feel like he is missing out on something, but then I look at him and he is happy he doesn’t seem to realise that he is missing out so maybe for him its not such a bad thing.

I get home just before the parents come round, my Dad had decided to come and trim up the kick plates and put my washer/dryer back on for me as hubby was at work and I needed it sorting, this was nice of him but I would have likes a little but of warning. It took a couple of hour and I was helping, in-between my Mum trying to get the boy to do stuff that he wasn’t interested in. They left just as hubby got home and then we tried to do some washing. Washer wouldn’t work.

I ignored this and cooked tea, I let the boy choose what he wanted for his tea, I cooked it for him and then he refused to come to the table and eat anything at all, he ended up going to bed without any food, he hasn’t really eaten very much again today, which as always is a worry, but then yesterday he did so well.

After tea we sorted out the washer, moving it around must have dislodged some gunk or something as the pipes where blocked, it took us a while to sort it out but it is working now, making a noise when it spins though so looks like I will need to get a new one soon, anyone out there want to get us one?

Jobs for tomorrow – clean the house (its a tip), finish the washing and ironing, go see the sister in law and take nephew birthday pressie round, cook tea, and go to the gym.


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