Update 04.05.14 Nil by Mouth

Or at least that is how it had felt today, the lad doesn’t seem to notice when he is hungry and it is starting to get to be a real challenge to get him to eat anything at all.

Today he refused to eat his cereal that he asked for, and then when I did egg on toast for my breakfast he asked for that to so I did him some, he at 1/4 of a slice of toast, I gave him some yoghurt covered raisins to eat whilst I was in the shower and a fruit juice, he didn’t have any of them.

He then fell asleep, I don’t know if this is because he hasn’t eaten enough to get the energy he needs to keep going or because he is tired from coughing in the night.

He woke up I gave him some lunch which he didn’t even have 1 bite out of, I managed to get him to eat a small pork pie before we went to my sister in laws, whilst out she offered him chocolate cake which he wouldn’t eat and a drink which he wouldn’t drink.

For tea I cooked him pork in pastry and mash which is usually one of his favourites he had one spoonful of mash and refused anything else. So before bed I gave him some multi vitamins and a large cup of pink milk which he did drink.

It is such a worry when he doesn’t eat, he can’t have had more than 400cals all day which is nowhere near enough to sustain him, he is so thin and I worry that if he does get ill that he will struggle to fight it off.

Other things that have happened today
1. He wouldn’t interact at all with his cousins who are both around his age (1 a yr younger and 1 older) at all
2. When his uncle was trying to get his attention he wouldn’t even look at him or acknowledge him but it was clear that he could hear him
3. Everytime that the washer has spun or the dryer has been on he has had his hands over his ears
4. Minor tantrum over putting toys away


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