Update 05.05.14

Well after not eating anything yesterday he went to bed at the normal time and didn’t seem poorly or anything, he woke up in the middle of the night and was sick, I was thankful that he only woke up the once but he did cough quite a bit in the night.

When we got up this morning he seemed much brighter than yesterday but was still very warm so I gave him some calpol which worked like magic, he still didn’t eat any breakfast and I still cancelled our trip to the Deep I was a little upset about having to cancel as I was looking forward to taking him but I didn’t want to risk him been sick or ratty on the way round so we will have to go next weekend instead.

He ate a little more for his lunch only a cheese dipper and a yoghurt but significantly more than he had been eating, he then watched a bit of telly with his headphones on, he seems to find this a much better way to watch the telly, especially if the washer/dryer are going in the other room. He is still covering his ears quite a bit especially when he is in the kitchen and the washer is on, the dryer is on or the kettle is on, he also doesn’t seem to like the hoover to much. He is also shushing us when we are talking if there are a few people in the room.

He didn’t eat much tea just a tiny bit of mash and then another yoghurt, again probably not much more then 500cals for the day which is still a worry but after he was sick last night I guess that it is more to do with him not feeling 100% than anything else so I am trying not to worry to much and just keeping an eye on it as the days go by, I gave him some multi vits again.

I have some questions that I need to sit and answer with the hubby for Speech and Language before they come out and see us on the 27th, he is working late tonight so maybe I will make a few notes and see if he agrees with what I have said as I really want to get it posted back, I will be speaking to work tomorrow about taking that day off, its half term that week so it might be nice to have another day off anyway so that I can spend it with the kids, or maybe get the garden sorted it looks like Steptoes Yard at the min.

Positives from today
1. no major tantrums just one minor strop about picking up toys
2. loved his bath and went to bed really easily
3. went to shops without a fuss but had to sit in the trolley to do it
4. ate something, even if it wasn’t much
5. didn’t wake up at crack of dawn
6. played with his toys a little bit even if he was just lining them up across the room
7. I got the housework done


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