Update 06.05.14

Today I have been at work and the hubby has been off so he got the boy up, the boy on the other hand didn’t want Daddy to get him up and screamed the house down when he went in to him, I am not sure why he does this but every morning is the same if I go in he is happy as anything jumps up out of bed and there isn’t any problems, if Daddy goes in he screams, we decided that even though this is the case when I am at work and hubby is off he needs to get up for Daddy so we let him have his strop.

He refused to eat his breakfast and when I called at lunch time my husband said that he hadn’t had any lunch either, by the time that I got home from work it was 3pm and he had had the tiniest amount of pastry from a pork pie, I put the grapes from the fridge on the coffee table and started to pick at them, not a massive amount of food but better than nothing, he totally refused to eat his tea to even though he was allowed to choose it and put it on the oven tray.

I left the grapes on the table all night and he did eat about half of them before bed and I went to the gym leaving the hubby to put him to bed, the lad is again happy to go to bed with him so long as I am not there if I am in the house he has a tantrum about it and refuses to go, this meant that I had to go to the gym slightly early to allow my husband to have an easy bedtime with the boy.

This afternoon we had to fill out a form for his next assessment with the speech and language people, it was a lot of questions about what he likes to eat and drink, what he likes to play with and how he plays, one of the questions was about social games that he likes to play and other than peek a boo which is mainly his roaring in our faces and laughing his head off about it we were both struggling to think of anything, but we had a whole list of things that he doesn’t like, circle time, action songs/nursery rhymes, noise, crowds, busy shops, swimming…..

Took the lad for a walk to the post box and let him post the letter he seemed to like doing that.


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