Underweight 07.05.14

I weighed the boy this morning he was 29lb last week, this week he is 28.4lb any loss is not good when he is so tiny, the not eating thing is starting show and I am worried about it, today on the way home I got him some meal replacement milkshakes as he loves milkshake, I am hoping that these will help stop him loosing anymore weight and that if I can get him to eat a little bit aswell he will get back on track.

I think it is important that I weigh him weekly at the moment so that I can monitor how he is doing and if we don’t have any increase in weight in the next month he is going to have to go and see the doctor, I can’t have him not eating. I know that children aren’t supposed to be fat but he is very thin at the minute.

I put his weight and height into the NHS calculator and it said this, this is very worrying, but he does only need to out on 3 or 4 pound to be healthy. In theory when he is well that shouldn’t be to difficult.

He is coughing again, he seems to always have a cough, the Doc is sure it is not asthma, again I think I am going to start a diary and log the nights/days that he is coughing and the nights/days that he isn’t, he doesn’t seem ill in himself just tired so I think that there must be a reason for him always coughing. This has been going on since he was a baby and I think it is the only reason we have ever had to take him to doctors.


3 thoughts on “Underweight 07.05.14

  1. His cough could be Viral Induced Wheeze??? My eldest used to get it all the time after attending pre school. I pulled him out and no more wheeze!

    Just been reading through a few posts in your blog and notice that your son has a few of the same issues mine has i.e speech. If you ever want to talk then I am here. I blog at http://www.mylifeasamummy.com

    Laura x x x



  2. He has an xray on Monday morning to look at his chest, then its back to the docs again and hopefully there will be some answers, he has also referrred him to the community pediatrician for a full assessment, it just seems to take so ling to get seen by anyone


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