Update 08.05.14

Today is my long day at work and boy did it drag today,

Anyway…  the lad was brought downstairs this morning by the hubby, but he didn’t scream the house down this time, he did whine and he wasn’t happy about it but he didn’t quite scream which is an improvement on how he has been over the last few months.

He didn’t eat his breakfast again, and only had a cheese dipper a rice crispy bar for his lunch, wouldn’t eat any tea but did have a small amount of cereal. The hubby said that when he refused breakfast he gave him a millkshake which he did have, and he has had some after his lunch and again after his tea with calpol in as he still has a slight temperature and still isn’t himself.

This not eating thing needs to stop soon, he doesn’t normally have as much milk as we have been giving him over the last few days, normally he just has a cup with his breakfast but since he started to loose weight we have upped it to replace some of what he is missing.

The hubby has got him a box from shop, I am sure that he was a cat in a previous life he just loves sitting in boxes.

Its my favourite night at the gym tonight, body combat and spinning, means I am there until 9 but it is worth it, I always feel better for it.


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