Back to the docs 09.05.14

Well after another night of coughing fits I asked my husband to take him to the docs, but apparently he didn’t have the time, the last morning appointment is at 10 and he didn’t start work until 1pm so I would argue that he did have time and that he in fact has his priorities wrong.

I called the docs up from work and got a teatime appointment.

When I got there it was our usual doctor so I didn’t hold out much hope of been listened to but he did listen and agreed that the cough has been going on for far to long.

He is sending him to the hospital for a chest xray and has asked meAll Posts to chase up the appointment with the community paediatricians for his development check. He also wants me to take in a water sample so that he can check it for sugar because he isn’t gaining weight.

All in all I think it was a worthwhile visit or at least it will be if it gets us some answers to why he always has a cough and why he doesn’t eat.


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