Update 14.05.14

Well he is still now eating and now weighs only 27lb

He has an X Ray on Monday to look at his chest and see if there is anything other than the normal causes for his constant coughing and yes he is still coughing.

I have spent the last couple of days trying to chase up his referral to the community paediatrician it has not been fun, I rang the number the GP gave me and they put me through to 2 or three different people until someone gave me another number, I spoke to 3 different people on that number before someone took a message and said they would get back to me, this was on Tuesday and guess what nobody has.

On Monday they put me through to the wrong department and I just gave up.

After Tuesdays phone call I rang the GP and asked if they could also chase it up for me, they said that they would, I haven’t heard anything yet so I will be ringing them back tomorrow after work to find out what is happening.

Tuesday night after they didn’t get back to me, I was an emotional wreck, it just seems like my son who is the world to me is just a name on a piece of paper to these ‘professionals’ and they can’t even do me the courtesy of giving me a call and letting me know what is happening, the referral was put in in March FFS its not like it was done this week.

I’m not sleeping and bursting into tears randomly, I can’t concentrate at work and struggling to remember what I am doing or should be doing when or where, even the gym isn’t making me feel better it normally does. I can’t clear my head of anything  and I am constantly worried about him and his weight, his speech, his school in Sept everything.

Anyway enough about me, I took the lad for a walk on Monday to see his new school I had to take some forms in and I thought it would be nice for him to see his school, he seemed happy when he saw it and excited to go inside which can only be a positive thing.


One thought on “Update 14.05.14

  1. Sometimes I lose all faith in hospitals. Why things take so long I'll never know. So sorry you're having issues chasing up your sons results, but hopefully they'll be in touch with you soon!

    Thanks so much for linking up! #MMWBH xx


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