Update 16.05.2014

Current weight 28lb which is an increase of 0.4lb, this means that it is going in the right direction, he still isn’t really eating and is refusing to eat much variety of food, he is eating mainly cereal and only drinking milk refusing any other liquids but it is a big improvement on what he was eating.

I got home from work today and got the bike out, the sun was shining so I oiled the chain/gears and put some air in the tyres and dug out the helmets, and after tea we went out for a bike ride, my daughter sulked and grumped about it and refused to bike up the hill near my mothers house, but then I guess that it what 14 year olds do.

Down hill all the way home though so she was happy then

Got home and put the lad to bed no bother, he went to sleep straight away and then I went to do the food shopping, I have started doing this on a night when the lad is in bed it just  makes it so much easier as he hates shopping so much.

Good things about today
1. he ate something
2. he put on some weight
3. he went to bed without a problem
4. I got the shopping done
5. I got the bikes out
6. The sun was shining
7. I got a letter from the local CCG saying that he will be discussed at the next children’s panel to see if he needs allocating to a Peadiatrician.

No appointment yet but a letter is a start, at least I know that he is on the list and that I will hear something soon.

Plans for tomorrow

Play centre with friends and their kids
A little bit of gardening in the afternoon


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