Update 23.05.14

Its been a busy week so I haven’t had the time to update this blog

Monday morning I took to my son for his chest X-ray he was really good and did just what he was asked by the lady, she asked him his name and his age and he didn’t even look at her and I had to answer, this didn’t surprise me as he has never answered either of these questions for anyone, he just doesn’t talk when out and very rarely talks at home.

Tuesday was his birthday, unlike other kids he doesn’t get excited about things like birthdays, he did say ‘oooh’ when he saw his presents and enjoyed opening them, he hasn’t actually played with any of the toys that we got him since, he has looked at them but not really played with any of them. I had made him 2 cakes a small square one to take into pre-school and share with his classmates and a dinosaur one for at home. He did sit and blow out his candles but didn’t eat any of the cake, I threw some of it away tonight as it was just sitting on the side.

Wednesday I got a letter from the comm peadiatrician saying that they are going to discuss my sons case at their team meeting/panel and make a decision on whether or not they will see him, I will then get another letter letting me know the outcome, if the outcome is no they won’t see him for any reason then I will be going back to the GP to get him re-referred until they agree to see him.

He also had his first full day at pre-school on Wednesday, he loved it but was really tired when he got home, they said that he had done really well and he ate some but not all of his pack up which is what I expected.

Thursday was a pretty normal day, hubby was off work and son was at preschool


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