PECS – Introduction

Yesterday SALT went to see my son at pre-school to start introducing PECS to him, they had already been with him for an hour when I got there, and when I arrived he was happily using the system to tell people what he wanted and was even trying to speak when pointing to the images.

The speech therapist said she was very impressed with him and how fast he had learnt to use it, she said that he is clearly a very bright boy and that she is going to seek funding for him to have his own PECS book so that he can communicate more freely at home/ school and when out and about.

She also asked what I thought was going on with him and I told her that I think it is autism and that although I am sure he is not severely autistic he has some very clear traits of autism and that I would like him assessing, she agreed and is going to start the formal assessment, he will need a number of assessments and then will have to go to the Autism panel to be formally diagnosed and this will not be finished before he starts school.

She did say that she will be able to get a lot of the assessments done before school and will be able to provide the school with copies of these assessments so that they are able to support him.

On Monday we had a family meeting, the school came and said that they have arranged for him to have a TA 2 mornings a week when he starts and that they are pushing for him to have a statement so that he can keep this support or get more support if he needs it.

I also met my new health visitor and I explained to her how let down I feel with the old one who hasn’t seen him since he was 6 months old, explaining that I was ringing and saying that there was a problem and she was just telling me to ring people and make referrals and that I don’t think that this was enough, I feel that she should have come out to see him and that a lot of the issues that he has could have been picked up sooner had he been seen at a younger age.  She has arranged to come and do a home visit on the 23rd so that she can see what he is like at home it does feel like its a little late for this but I welcome her visiting if it could help my son in any way.

Tuesday night was the school information night at the boys new school where he will be going in Sept, I met the TA, the Nursery Nurse and the school Headteacher, all of the staff knew who my son was and where aware of the issues around his communication and the head said that she herself had been trying to chase up the Ed Psyche for his assessment to get his statement through for him when he starts school, they were all very reassuring, explaining that the reception children have their own lunch lady and she helps them at lunch with opening things and keeps an eye on any children that may need extra support.