Catch Up 20/07/14

Lots has happened and I haven’t blogged so not really sure where to start

The LA and Speech and Language and health all agreed that my son would benefit from the picture exchange communication system (pecs) but they also all refused to fund it, so while they were busy arguing with each other and my son was clearly getting more and more frustrated by not been able to communicate I googled it, printed and laminated a number of sheets of images, bought him a folder put a strap on it from one of my bags and he has been using this.

The first day that he had it he did this with it

and yes I did cry when he did it, and since then he has come on leaps and bounds with it, he has been using it daily, at home, school and out and about, he is clearly loving been able to communicate and not having the pressure to speak has had a surprising effect, he seems to be trying to talk more, and he is slowly slowly making more and more speech like sounds.

He has been seen by the Ed Psyche and she has assessed him and sent some recommendations to his new school, these are mainly things like using short direct language, not using to many words, not putting him in groups as he doesn’t cope well with it, letting him sit out of circle time if he is struggling, and encouraging him to communicate with the pecs, she is going to see him after he has been at school for a month or two to see how he is settling in and make further recommendations.

He has seen the community peadiatrician who assessed him and agreed with what the Ed Psyche said, she has referred him for blood tests to see if the reason for his delay could be down to any genetic conditions.

Both the Ed Psyche and Peadiatrician assessed him as been between 20 and 30 months, he is 4.5yrs so clearly he has a significant delay and it seems that the older he gets the bigger and more obvious the gap is between him and other children of the same age.

He has been poorly again, another sickness bug and ear infection which needed a trip to the docs, he lost more weight and after doing so well and getting to 32lb he went back to 28lb again. He is slowly starting to eat again, but the things he will eat seem to be getting fewer and fewer, I have bought him a pack of pecs pictures which are food items I am hoping that been able to ask for specific foods will increase the amount that he eats and today he used them to ask for boiled egg for lunch, so it is kinda working.

So going forward, I am waiting for the appointment for the blood tests for him, and I am waiting for him to start school in september, I am also looking for things for him to do over the summer which might build him up a bit, since both assessments said he had low muscle tone and poor gross motor skills.


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