Blood Tests 2014-10-13

Today my son had his blood tests, they took 8 in all testing him for everything.

I was worried beforehand as my son has never had anything like this done before and I thought that he would be upset by it and nobody likes to see their kids upset.

He was a little star, he sat on my knee and even giggled when they sprayed his arm and numbed it before doing it, they had to do it twice as the 1st time it stopped coming out before they had enough.

Since getting home he hasn’t been to bothered by it, he won’t let me take the plaster off though so I guess that he will just have to keep it on until it comes off on its own in the bath or something.

I guess now we just have to wait and see what the results of these tests are and what the outcome of these will be.

He still doesn’t talk or play or do a lot of the things that other 4yr olds do and really we just want to know why


Our Busy Afternoon 11.10.14

Every weekend I have to take a couple of pics to send into the school with my son so that when they do circle time on a Monday he has something to show the other children. He doesn’t speak so it is important that I do this to enable him to be able to join in with this part of the day. This is what I have done for him to take into school this week.