19.04.2015 update

Finally I have some answers about my little lad, he has a 16p11.2 microdeletion

Which is a  on one of his chromosomes, this explains all of his problems perfectly, even the suspected autism

We are still waiting for a formal diagnosis of his autism, but I have have had confirmation that he is on the waiting list for panel/assessment.

The peadiatrician has also referred him for an immunity test, Vit D Test, Iron Test as he was aneamic when he had his last test, and a heart scan.

We are waiting to see if occupational therapy will accept a referral for him as he is still walking on tip toes with his feet turned in, can’t ride a bike or scooter and is very clumsy, He also can’t hold a pen properly.

He is still been seen by SALT, he has regular therapy at school and he has started to make a lot more noise, still not talking very much and always single works when he does. His speech is very unclear he struggles to make a lot of the sounds and usually misses the beginning of words.

He still hasn’t got his statement in place even though the school have assessed him as working at 16-24months in most areas, we will get to see the draft statement in May!