12 Sept 2016

Good afternoon everyone

Long long long day at work today but came home to a lovely sight, my 2 kids playing happily together, I hadn’t been able to get to school today to pick up the boy as I was working so my daughter went for him (she is way way older than him), I came home to find them both sat quietly together playing on the ipad, no cup of tea waiting for me or anything though lols.

Since going back to school reading has become a real issue, he will not do it, I try every night and he just refuses and goes into a meltdown, I have the same issues with spelling, I have sent a note into the school and advised them that the old techniques of a reward chart and stickers aren’t working and that I will keep trying him, but for now its a nightly battle.

He has also started to get upset at bedtime, he isn’t refusing to go yet but he is starting to get very stroppy, this routine didn’t change at all over summer so maybe it is just to do with him getting bigger.


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