The Bedtime Routine: Groundhog Days/Nights – 2016-09-14

is has to be the most important time of the day to get right for my little ASD lad, he has a very set routine that we can’t change, he will let us alternate who takes him but that routine has to be the same.

We made a decision to remove the bath/shower from his bedtime routine, we both work fulltime and sometimes there just isn’t the time on a night to fit it in, sometimes we do it in a morning and sometimes I am just damn neglectful and we don’t bother.

So the routine is simple, but the start of the routine is key, he can tell the time and he knows that he goes to bed at 7pm, this means that any attempt to start anything prior to this, regardless of how tired he is will cause major issues. He also refuses to stay up late at any point even when he is told that he can wait for Daddy to get in from work.

Holidays are also an issue, he wants to stay in his routine, this can mean that he won’t want to go out on a night and do those things that we all love to do on holidays.

So 7pm comes around and he has to find his teddy (Rory the Tiger)
Then its a hug for Mum and Dad and off up the stairs
Teeth brushed
Quick visit to the loo
Cuddle in his bed
Story (same one every night currently Monstersaurus)
Lights out

I leave the room, he makes no fuss, he falls asleep within moments.



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