The question of the Day? Should the PM wear Heels? – 2016-09-14

I don’t care if she does or she doesn’t I think it should be up to her, just the same as it is up to  me what I wear on my feet and up to you what you wear on yours, if I want to wear stupid high heels I can barely walk in then I will, if I want to wear trainers or slop around in flip flops I will.

I think that more important question here is about freedom of choice, all those saying she shouldn’t because she should set an example are forgetting that as a human being you have the right to freedom of choice and by forcing someone to or not to wear something you are taking that away.

It’s basically nobodies business but hers, I hope that she doesn’t get pressured into doing something against what she would want to do

Seriously if she was male would we be having a conversation like this? Would we be asking if he should wear a tie after all women don’t wear ties? Maybe a male minister should set an example by not wearing a tie?

So my opinion is that I do not care, its not a news story, people should stop trying to make it one.


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