Trying to establish a new routine – 2016-09-14

This is something that is hard for my lad, adding something new into a established routine, currently after his tea he has his milk and then is allowed on the ipad to wind down before we start the bedtime routine.

I am trying to add his school reading in after the milk/ before the ipad

The last 3 nights we have gone from total refuse to read 2 pages to finished the reading book

So you can imagine how cross I am that the school forgot to send home his reading book tonight

I managed to get him to read last night, tonight he was whiny but he had got his book bag and brought it to me and seemed to be prepared to do it….

…but the book wasn’t there, which means we can’t do it, I suggested looking at a book from home but that caused a whole world of problems so he has gone on the ipad for his wind down time, tonight he is watching Minecraft videos.

I am hoping over the next few weeks to try and establish this into his nightly routine and then slowly introduce the spellings, a suggestion that we should just look at the spellings instead of reading tonight was also met with a whirlwind of screams.



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