Pot Painting – 2016-09-15

There are a number of Pot Painting places that seem to be opening around the area, there are 2 within walking distance from my house so we thought that we would give it a go with the Kids, its unusual to find something that they are both happy to do together given the 10year age difference but this was an exception, they both seemed quite happy to come along.

First they chose what they would like to paint, you pay more for the bigger items, my daughter chose a monster money box and was told that its one of the least popular items there, she couldn’t understand why as she thought he was ‘cool’. The youngest chose a small Doggy.

I found a plastic apron and put it on him and we let him choose a few different colour paints to use.

Before you can paint them you need to sponge them down to remove any dust and to help the paint to adhere to the surface properly.

Then you can start painting, he loved it, he tried really hard to get it right and paint it the colours that he wanted, he did it mainly brown and I painted his name on it for him.

This activity was something that he really enjoyed, he could do it himself and needed very little support from me to be able to finish it, I helped him pour the paint and choose the colours and then left him to it. I was really proud of him and how well he did with it.
He was also very proud of the finished product.

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