Everyday Breakthrough Campaign Launches #ASD #NAS #Everydaybreakthrough

I am a paid up member of NAS – National Autistic Society, and because of this I get a monthly email from them with important information and news regarding Autism.

The highlights from this months email are as follows:

Everyday Breakthrough campaign launches!
Our newly-launched #EverydayBreakthrough campaign will celebrate some of the amazing work of staff across our schools and services.
It could be buying a paper, or baking a cake; getting up onstage or taking a step outside – an everyday breakthrough can seem like the smallest thing. But to someone with autism, it can mean the world.
We have a range of roles, from support workers to office workers, and every one of them takes a lot of patience, and a lot of commitment. But what they give in return is worth so much more.
So find the role for you, and help make everyday breakthroughs happen more often.


This is great news because anything that highlights the positive work that is being done out there every day by some amazing people is well worth your support. If you see me using the hashtag #everydaybreakthrough then you will know why.
Check out the link and see if there is anything there that interests you, and please consider joining up and giving your support to the NAS

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