New Routine seems to be going well 2016-09-16

What a difference a few days make, been consistent and not giving in seems to be working, he has read his school book again tonight, he didn’t want to read it but he did it without to much fuss, he was clearer than yesterday and a little louder to.

So fingers crossed that by the end of next week we have it set in his memory and he does it without whining and nice and clear and even a little louder so that we can all hear how good he is doing.

Another positive thing that has happened today is that he came home with a certificate from school for doing his holiday homework, I don’t remember doing any holiday homework with him but he did do his reading for the first few weeks. I guess that is what he got it for. He also came home with a sticker from the teacher for good work, unfortunately there is no note in his home/school diary to say what it was that he did well and as he is non verbal he can’t tell me



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