Plans for the weekend


  1. Stay Calm
  2. Take the lad to his swimming lesson
  3. Survive 
  4. Take the lad to an ASD Softplay session
  5. Avoid Headache
  6. Do the food shopping
  7. Stay Calm
  8. Tidy the house
  9. Stay Calm – put the boy in his room to watch DVD while tidying to prevent loosing temper
  10. Sort out the washing
  11. Try not to loose mind
All seems manageable right? I forgot sort out car insurance and take parcel to the post office… 
Husband is at work this weekend so just me and the kids which actually makes it easier to get stuff done he has a way of making me really angry when I am trying to get jobs done by stomping around the house trying to help because he feels guilty, I’d rather he took the lad out and got out the way to be honest.
Wish me look especially with item 5

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