Autism Friendly Clothing 2016-09-17

Marks and Sparks (M&S, Marks and Spencer) what ever it is that you like to call them, has recently launched a range of autism friendly school uniform, the idea being that they are easy for children to get on and off.

This went on sale on the 01/08/2016 and although most people will have sorted their school uniform for the year by now, if you were not aware and need to replace anything that your child is not coping with then it may well be worth taking a look and giving it a try.

10% of all sales are currently being donated to the NAS as if you needed another excuse to get your hands on it.

The range includes things like pull on trousers without buttons and zips that they may struggle with and shirts where the top buttons are replaced by a discreet velcro strip so that the top can be pulled over the head to be removed. Reduced seams and soft fabrics also help those with sensory issues where these things can irritate and cause discomfort.

There is a more detailed description and some images on the NAS website and can be found here


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