Food is still an issue – 2016-09-17

He eventually got signed off by the dietitian but only because his weight is now within the normal range, he is still very very limited with his diet and we have had no guidance from anyone on how we might be able to change this.

We consistently put new foods or even old foods that he doesn’t eat on his plate and ask him to try them with his meals, but he gets very upset about it and sometimes will cry just at the sight of something new on his plate, currently we have a very short list of foods that he will eat

  1. Tinned Meatballs
  2. Tinned Ravioli
  3. Tinned Pasta Shapes
  4. Turkey Dinosaurs
  5. Chicken Nuggets
  6. Fish Cakes
  7. Potato Waffles
  8. Mashed Potato
  9. Honey Hoops or Krave Cereal
  10. Cheese Spread Sandwich

The list is actually shrinking not getting longer, he won’t drink anything other than milk, he won’t eat any fruit/veg and he used to like banana and grapes and apples. He won’t eat chips or sweets or crisps, he used to eat yoghurts but won’t eat them now.

I know that it is likely to be a sensory thing but I do feel that some of it is down to him being picky to.




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