Swimming and Soft Play – 2016-09-17

Well this morning didn’t go exactly to plan,  when does it ever you may ask? Believe me I ask myself the same question regularly.

I like to take him out because he needs to learn to socialise, its not something that he is able to do without support and help.

We did swimming lesson’s no problem, I even got to sit and read without been interrupted by people’s children been noisy.

We got to soft play and within a few minutes he had had enough, I know that he wouldn’t last to the end but I thought we might have half an hour at least but no, it was to much, and it wasn’t even that he was tired he just didn’t want to be there.

I keep trying him with these things to try and accustom him to being in busy areas and around lots of people as I cannot possibly protect him from that for the rest of his life. Maybe next week he will be more settled.


Two minutes after we arrived, I called the dog Penny, he didn’t approve, he also told me that it is Yellow?

This soft play is specifically for children with ASD and their parents and it is ran by local parents, it only started to run on a weekend recently, previously it was on a weekday during the school holidays, The local centre allows the parents who run it to use their facilities for free but charges parents that go just £3. Its a much needed facility for parents to be able to talk to each other and be able to talk about their children with other parents that understand the difficulties having a child with special needs causes. It also gives the kids a space to play where other children aren’t going to judge them, my son plays at these things in a way that a much younger child would and NT children his age would judge him for that, here he is safe to do what he pleases.



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