3 Small Pieces of Lamb – 2016-09-18

And a huge pile of Mashed Potato

That’s what he ate for his tea tonight, might not sound that impressive but he doesn’t normally eat anything but the mash.

Every week I put the meat and veg on his play, every week he makes a huge fuss at the fact that there is other stuff on his plate with his mash.

But tonight he ate 3 small pieces of lamb and it kind of feels like a huge achievement, here’s to hoping that next time I do it he eats it again.

Its frustrating because he used to eat his meat (chicken, pork or lamb), his mash and his veg but as time goes on his diet seems to be getting more and more limited.


Today has been a better day for food, he had stopped eating sausage rolls altogether but I put some in the oven and warmed them up and then told him that they where like the ones that the lady in the sausage roll shop makes and he ate them.

He hasn’t drank anything other than milk though, and apart from the sausage roll, he has had a bowl of cereal and his mash and lamb and nothing else but still there are 2 things that he hasn’t been eating lately that he has eaten today. So that has to be seen as a positive.

He has started to look a bit pale again, might have to take him back to docs and get his bloods checked again, but if I can get him to eat something maybe we can avoid that.


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