Its Morning… Get Up Mum… 2016-09-18

Sunday Morning, the one day of the week that I don’t have to be up and out for anything, this is the one day that I try and relax and actually take some time off. I work full-time, as does my husband, and I swim for a team so I train 3-4 times a week to, this is my one day a week not to think about training, and not to think about work.

I just wish that someone would tell the boy this.

07:30am (earlier than he has to be up on Saturday for Swimming lessons) and he is knocking on the bedroom wall, he is 6 now and he is still unable or unwilling to get himself out of bed in a morning, or take himself to the loo without asking.

This means that when he wakes at 07:30 he doesn’t think that he could get up and take himself down and put the telly on, which is what my eldest would have done at his age. He doesn’t think that he can go to the bathroom and then play with his toys in his room if he wants to.

He knocks on the bedroom wall until one of us goes in to him.. bang… bang… bang

So we got up, and I fed him and I drank lots of tea while he ate his breakfast, now he is on the ipad, playing minecraft again while I watch some trash on the telly, we may have got up earlier than planned but I have no intention in rushing about trying to get anything done.

Today is my day for having some time out! Please can someone let the boy know?



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