Mum’s Turn… 2016-09-18

Mums Turn… Mums Turn… Mums Turn…

This is one of the few things that my son says, he doesn’t have conversations, he doesn’t very often say anything at all, but suddenly, out  of the blue, when nothing is happening, he will say ‘Mums Turn’

What he means is that it is my turn to take him to bed that night, but he says it all the time, at very random times, and when it isn’t actually my turn to take him to bed. We take it in turns, and have done for a long time as at one point he refused to let anyone but me put him to bed.

I don’t think that he always realises that he is saying it, I think that it is a comfort thing, he likes to remind himself of who is there.

So the second I walked into his room at 07.30 this morning he said ‘Mums Turn, Mums Turn, Mums Turn’ as soon as he got downstairs he walked into the kitchen and said ‘Mums turn’, he sat down for his breakfast and almost shouted ‘Mums Turn’

I do acknowledge him what he says it, I either tell him yes it is my turn to put him to bed or no Daddy is doing it tonight, but it makes no difference, without warning, he will still say over and over again ‘Mums Turn’



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