Leaving The House

Or not as the case may be

Often I would love to go for a walk to the park but he won’t leave the house, the thought of going out is causes all sorts of problems for him, so instead we are stay home and watch TV.

I know that some people will be thinking well tell him that you are going and make him, but those are the people that are forgetting that he has special needs.

He doesn’t want to go out, he doesn’t want to be around people, he doesn’t want to do things with people, he wants to sit and be in his own bubble and do what interests him, which at the minute is watching minecraft videos.

It is so hard to find any kind of balance for this with him, he has to be out Mon-Sat so on a Sunday he often refuses to go anywhere, it’s like being grounded but in reverse, he is the one stopping us going out.

If I did manage to persuade him to go to the park, he wouldn’t want to play when we got there, he would just walk around looking lost, he struggles a bit with with his Gross Motor Skills and although he is catching up, he struggles to climb and if there are other kids what are trying to play with him and talk to him he will get upset and walk away.

I find taking him places and doing things like this with him the hardest part of parenting him.

And that is without all of the Judgy looks from parents of ‘normal’ kids


Coffee Anyone?


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