Looking at Spellings 2016-09-19

It might seem like a really small thing but he hasn’t even entertained the idea of looking at his spelling book for at least a year. Tonight I asked him to just look at them, not spell them, not read them, not do anything else with them, just look at them before he did his reading.

He did it! I am so pleased with him, he has had a ton of praise, a chocolate bar and an extra sticker on his chart.  I have put a note in his book to his 1:1 to let her know so she will make a fuss at school to.

I am hoping to introduce looking at the spellings into his nightly routine and slowing increase it to actually writing them down, I have bought him a whiteboard like he uses at school to use and hope that this will also help as it is the same as school.

Right now he is on his ipad having his down time watching Dan TDM play minecraft on You Tube. I do wonder if Dan knows that the majority of his hits are my autistic son watching his video’s over and over again?



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