My son loves…. My Little Pony – 2016-09-19

I don’t understand why, my daughter wasn’t keen, but my son loves My Little Pony, the programme on the TV that is and not the toys, he isn’t bothered about the toys but if it is on the TV he is transfixed by it.

Its terrible, the voices, the songs the well everything, have you seen it? Its truly one of the worst cartoons on the TV. I don’t even care that some people would consider it a girls thing, that’s not even relevant.

Here’s a link to it for all of those that haven’t had to endure it themselves. I really don’t see why I should have to suffer alone.

I actually think its the voices and the colours that he likes, he is a very visual child, which is why PECs  work so well for him.

I tried to flick past it this morning but he spotted it and we then had 2 hours of My Little Pony, to help me survive, I did that thing that annoys kids everywhere, I tidied up, I even polished the TV 🙂

Do your kids have any annoying programmes on the TV that they like to watch over and over again? What are they? Please comment below and let me know, maybe we could start a support group called ‘parents suffering bad TV Anonymous’ #PSBTVA #SendHelp


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