Support Groups… 2016-09-21

Support Groups are everywhere, and if you are a Mummy that stays home while your special child is at school then you will probably have been to a few, they are a great way to meet other parents who have children that are similar to yours, to find out about services in the area and activities that are happening.

But what if you work? I work full-time Mon-Fri, I can do this because the school has an after school club that he can go to and my Dad is retired so during the school holidays he goes to him, without these things one of us would have to stay home. I am lucky that I can work.

This also means that I have never been able to go to any support group, talk or parents activity. The local authority have  a group called ERVIP that regularly have coffee mornings, these are always on week days, the regularly have talks by important members from the council, they are always on week days, the regularly have activities but again these are on week days.

I have the same issue with NAS, their parents support group is during the week. There are a number of other groups in my area but they all do the same thing.

What about us parents that work? Don’t we need the support to? Can’t we benefit from mixing with other parents with special children? I really do think that we get penalised for working.




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