Reading… 2016-09-22

and homework?

How much of it do you do?

I have been very clear with the school and told them that I will not push my son to do homework and if he has a meltdown and refuses then I will not make him do it, basically I am not spending my nights at home with my son with him stressed and upset.

I have said that I will try and get him to do his reading and over the last couple of weeks since he has gone back to school I have managed to establish a routine where we do his reading after tea at the same time every night.

This took a few days to establish and we started with just looking at it, but he is now happy with this and understands that this is what is expected every night, we give him a sticker on a chart every night afterwards and then he has been told that once this is full he can choose himself a prize.

I am now trying to introduce spellings into this routine, again we are starting by just looking at it. I am hoping that by the end of next week we will have gone from looking at them to writing them down, tonight was only the 2nd night and he tried to make some of the sounds of the letters in the words.

I will not be trying to add his maths or his writing or his anything else into the nightly routine, he needs to be able to relax when he is at home, he works very hard at school and I want him to keep doing this.



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